Adult colouring books.

I have no idea where they came from, how I found out about them or why they’re so addictive but they’re selling like hot cakes. I am of course talking about the craze that is adult colouring books!

Studies have been done that show that colouring is a great way to relieve stress and cam down and it can only be assumed that’s why they no exist for us grown ups. I am currently enjoying two very different ones and thought a chat about them might go down well.

Here’s my first one –


This is the ‘Indian Summer’ colouring books in a range of ‘Really Relaxing Colouring Books’ that I picked up for £4.95 from a Blackells store.Most of the pages are similar to this one meaning they’re relatively quick to colour and don’t require any sort of specialist pens, pencils etc. It’s a really easy colouring book that anyone can enjoy and there’s no need for any artistic skill at all with this one.

Here’s number 2 – ‘The Secret Garden’ by Johanna Basford.


This colouring book is quite simply spectacular. The pen ink illustrations and hidden treasures guide you through your colouring experience. The intricately detailed pages and exquisite artistic skill mean you’ll be colouring for hours on end whilst discovering hidden treasures on every page and in some cases completing the pages yourself. Both pen and pencil work well in this book depending on whether your taste opts for a strong block colour or a shaded blended wonderland.

I actually can’t believe I missed the hype about these but now I have them I never turn to anything else for relaxation. Trust me, no one can be stressed whilst they’re colouring in!

Much love, L x


4 thoughts on “Adult colouring books.

  1. The Secret Garden was the first colouring book that introduced me to the world of colouring … the incredible shift that comes with sitting down with colours and books is amazing … how fortunate are we to revive such a gifting pastime, hobby, obsession, collection,playtime , downtime … our time .. “to colour”


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