ALWAYS remember!

If it’s ever 2am and you find yourself unable to move take a minute to breathe. Remember you’re ok. You’ve been in darker situations than this and you survived. 

You’ve been this sad, anxious and terrified but you made it. Remember you can make it through this as well.

If it’s 9am and you don’t want to get out of bed remember these feelings will pass. Sit with them, cry over them and think about them and eventually they will fade. When that moment comes you’ll look back and laugh at yourself for doubting your own strength.

If you’re sat under your shower and the tears won’t stop remember that tomorrow’s another day. You can make that day anything you want it to be.

And if you ever feel like fixing your suffering by reaching for that vodka bottle remember that, yes right now it feels unbearable but just keep breathing. I promise it will pass.

Much love, L x


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