Things you should never turn down.

Now, I know I’m always saying that it’s ok to say no to other people and it’s ok to spend some time doing what you need to do for yourself. There are, however, some things in life you should never say no to. Some of them will benefit you in later life and some will just keep you happy for ten minutes but either way they will be good for you.

These things are:

  1. When someone offers to make you a brew. Lets face it, they always taste better when someone else has made it.
  2. The offer of an early night/lie in. You body and brain will thank you later.
  3. “Lets go for lunch, my treat”. Who wants to say no to free food and an afternoon out?
  4. The opportunity to light a scented candle. No matter what time, season or place, if you can light one then go for it.
  5. SOCKS. Any colour, any type, any socks, ever.
  6. A drink with a friend if they want/need one.
  7. Going for a drive in the sun. Windows down, music up.
  8. A compliment. Honestly, no one compliments you if they don’t mean it and you’re allowed to accept it gracefully and not be criticised for that.
  9. A free pen. I love finding the perfect pen so the more i have to choose from the better.
  10. The chance to wear red lipstick. There is not a situation in your life that will not benefit from you wearing your favourite red lippy.


Any of these should be grabbed with both hands. It’s the little things in life that make your days run smoother.

Much love, L x


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