Things that are OK.

Most things in life – law abiding of course – are OK. But sometimes you do things or think of things that you feel the need to punish yourself for. Well guess what? Somethings really are just OK. You just need someone to tell you. Well, here I go.

Its OK to:

Eat the last slice of pizza.

Feel tired to your very core.

Cry until you can’t breathe.

Have a day where you do NOTHING.

Say no to something if you just can’t handle it.

Not get out of bed sometimes.

Put your music on the loudest it will go to just drown out the noise.

Change who you are just because.

Not live up to anyone’s expectations. As long as you’re happy.

Laugh until it hurts.

Accept and believe someone’s compliment.

Be madly in love,

Be single and happy.

Be somewhere in between 😉

Get any grade as long as you tried your hardest.

Take time for yourself.

Spend a little bit too much money every now and again.

Basically just do things for yourself. If you’re happy and content then keep going. If not, it’s never too late to make a change!

Much love, L x


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