50 Things.

Evening my lovelies.

I thought tonight I would just share the things that make me happy. I would also suggest that you do the same, writing mine not only made me happy but grateful for the  amazing things I have in my life. 

Ok it’s a long one so let’s just start.

  1. Having things to look forward to and focus on.
  2. When your manicure’s perfect.
  3. Fresh bedding.
  4. Candles.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy.
  6. Finding the perfect pen.
  7. Unexpected sun.
  8. Fairy lights.
  9. The sea.
  10. Colouring.
  11. Coffee.
  12. Going somewhere new.
  13. The gym.
  14. GBBO.
  15. When someone makes you a brew.
  16. Blogging.
  17. Early mornings.
  18. Hot showers.
  19. Coconut oil.
  20. Tattoos.
  21. Florida.
  22. Compliments, giving and receiving.
  23. Documentaries.
  24. Payday.
  25. New clothes.
  26. Buying people presents.
  27. A perfectly fitting bra.
  28. Fresh flowers.
  29. Road trips.
  30. Family days out.
  31. Bed socks.
  32. New pyjamas.
  33. Cooking.
  34. Strawberry milkshakes.
  35. Meaningful conversations.
  36. Girls curry night.
  37. Lipstick.
  38. My filofax.
  39. An unexpected day off work.
  40. Finding a bargain.
  41. Elephants.
  42. Weekends at nan and granddad’s
  43. Hair masks.
  44. The perfect mug.
  45. Gin.
  46. Walks with the doggies.
  47. Drinking enough water.
  48. Swimming.
  49. Lists.
  50. A new TV series.

They’re not in any kind of order but these are my 50 things. If you’re reading this you are now nominated to do it and tag me so I can read yours.

Have a lovely evening, much love, L x


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