The significance of numbers.

Afternoon my lovelies.

So last night when my battery got to 3% I suddenly realised that our lives are controlled by numbers. Think about it. Battery life. Weight. Age. Dress size. Social media followers. Bank balance. Grades. Even time of day.

Literally, everything is numbers.

And does anyone really care about the majority of them?

I’m the first one to say I’m not happy with my weight or dress size but the more I think about it the more I realise that it only bothers me. The people i love and the people who love me genuinely don’t care what size my jeans are. They don’t care what I weigh. They just care about me. Do I care how many people follow me on twitter? Nope. I mean, yeah it’s nice to know that people read my blogs and watch my vlogs (yeah, I do them now too) but the followers isn’t why I do it.

Time of day. Ok, that’s a tricky one. But time itself is something man has created. Who says that 5 o’clock in the evening has to be dinner time? Social norms that’s who. My life runs around what time I have to do things and what time I need to be places. Again, numbers controlling everything.

Things like time we can’t change but seriously, moaning about your weight or age is pointless. It makes you feel crappy and upset and doesn’t do anyone any good. and as for grades, that’s just a number someone has assigned you based on their opinion of your work. Especially people like me who’s work is creative. Your grade is literally one persons opinion. If you know you did your best then who cares if you got 40% or 90%? You did your best and that’s all you can do.

Ok, So I’m going to stop ranting now and go and make a brew. Chill time before work.

Have a lovely day.

Much love, L xx


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