Carry on only – in flight essentials.

Afternoon my lovelies.

So just in case you haven’t noticed the million times I’ve mentioned it I am in fact off to Spain in five days. Yes. FIVE DAYS. Can you tell I’m super happy?

The only pain about it all is that I am only taking a carry on suitcase. This isn’t a problem when it comes to clothes, I’m surprisingly good in that respect. I even cope well with the faffing and messing about with my liquids in a plastic bag. What is a problem for me though is my essentials for when I’m actually on the plane.

It’s not a super long flight so there isn’t that much needed to keep me amused but I obviously do need somethings. I tend to go with whatever I can fit in my pockets or in the front zip of my suitcase. It’s all a bit manic when you get on the plane and as soon as my case is in the overhead locker (which I’m not actually sure how I’m going to manage on my own) I don’t want to be messing around having to get it down again. So my basic essentials are:

IPHONE. I don’t think anybody would say they could do a flight without theirs. Pop it in your back pocket and you’re good to go.

EARPHONES. Every phones best friend.

IPAD. Not 100% if I’ll use this so it will be going in the front pocket of my case and depending how I feel on the day will depend if it gets used.

LIPBALM. Who can manage a flight without lipbalm?!

MONEY. Now, usually I use my card for everything but I like to have actually money on my in the airport especially for drinks and snacks and things like that.

A BOOK. My book of choice is ‘The Girl on The Train’ I keep looking at it on my shelf and deliberately not starting it. I did a whole post on my holiday books over here.

DOCUMENTS. Obviously I’ll need my travel documents.

And that’s all I’ll be using on the plane. As I say it’s not a long flight and by doing it on the cheap and not checking luggage you save so much time and money and it is very doable. I’m a bog handbag, carry everything you may ever possibly need kinda girl but I manage so you could too!

Hope you’re having a lovely day.

Much love, L xx


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