About Me.



Hello there my lovelies.

I decided I would start blogging as a way of keeping my writing going and also to give me an outlet either for the rants in my head, the advice I have or just for my opinions on things. Lola’sverse is all things beauty and lifestyle and basically just anything which pops into my head and I think other people might enjoy. I don’t force posts and I won’t fake opinions. I’m just me.

I use a different name as I am an aspiring teacher and lord knows I don’t need to make it any easier for my pupils to Google me and find out more information about me.

I have a degree in English and Creative writing, a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management and I am currently studying for my Teacher status as part of my PGCE. What can I say, I clearly love being in education far too much. Oh and I do all this whilst working as a full time care assistant. No rest for me 🙂

Just taking each day as they come and making them count. I like to think that as long as it’t not breaking laws or hurting anyone then you should be able to do whatever you want. Dream big and all that jazz.

Much love, L x